Attendance and Leave


In St Hilda's Moorland Federation schools, we believe that every child has a basic right to a full-time, high quality education to enable them to prosper and live life to the full both now and in the future.

Our Attendance Policy can be found HERE, which outlines our expectations, procedures and practice.

You may also find our Attendance Questions and Answers document useful which can be found HERE

Medical Absence

If your child is taken poorly, please telephone the school to let them know by 9.00am on the first day of absence.

On your child's return to school please send them with a letter stating the reason for their absence and the dates which they were absent for.  This letter will be placed in your child's file.

Please note that if your child has had repeated sickness or diarrhoea they must remain absent from school for a period of 48 hours from the last bout of illness.

Some illnesses are reportable and may have implications for others i.e. chicken pox.  If you are unsure please give us a call and we can check the formal advice from the Health Protection Agency.

Requests for Leave of Absence During Term Time

Acting under  Government guidance, the Governors of all schools in the Whitby Area Schools Partnership will not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances.

We appreciate the difficulty some parents/carers may have in taking holidays in the summer break due to the seasonal nature of work in the area and the impact this may have on families. However, holidays are not considered to be an extreme extenuating circumstance and, therefore, we hope you will accept that requests for holidays during term time will not be authorised and will appear on a pupil’s attendance record as an ‘unauthorised absence’.

Any period of unauthorised absence of 5 days (10 sessions) or more may lead to you being issued with a Penalty Notice from the Local Authority. 

Leave of Absence request forms must be requested from the headteacher in person.  

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